Our bows are handcrafted in traditions that are centuries old for exceptional tone and craftsmanship. We make all of our professional bows from 100% certified Pernambuco that is loft-seasoned and aged in Germany. Each bow stick is selected for its grain, strength, responsiveness, and its tonal qualities. Hermann Luger bows are designed with the player in mind and for many years of enjoyment.

Our bows represent an exceptional value in handcrafted bows, stemming from the high-quality materials we use, and pride in craftsmanship which is evident in our exceptionally clean handwork.


      • Draw a big, full, rich, and powerful sound from your instrument using less energy
      • Do a good deal of the work for you and be exceptionally responsive to your input
      • Have a good balance point and appropriate weight to assist you to achieve perfection

Advantages of Hermann Luger Bows

1. Superior Wood Quality – Most bows today use inferior, cheap materials that are passed off as Pernambuco or use black market wood that is unseasoned or untreated.

2. Great Value – Outstanding first quality materials combined with exception hand-work and offered at affordable price points.

3. Expert Craftsmanship – Meticulously hand-crafted in traditions that are centuries old.

Bow Qualities

  • Two grades of Workshop Pernambuco Wood Bows with nickel and silver mounts (30 and 40 models)
  • Three Grades of Master Bows – made completely by hand by one maker start to finish 
    • Entrylevel master bows – all sterling silver mounts
    • Mid-level master bows – range from sterling and carved sterling silver mounts
    • Premium master bows – rose gold or 14k gold mounts

All of our bow fittings (such as frogs and linings) are made in-house to exacting standards and high artistic qualities.

We also make our own models of bows in addition to copies of famous makers like Tourte, Peccate, and Sartory.

*Custom-made bows are also available.